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Balanced complex of nutrients and vitamins.
Active ingredients: ceramides, hydrocomplex, vitamin E, panthenol, and bisabolol are designed for nutrition and protection of epidermal skin. Bisabolol enhances the sensitive skin soothing. 

1x per week, for a time period of 15 min., wash it off afterwards. We do not recommend to use on widened thread veins in the face.



For hydration and unified skin tone.
Active ingredients: pigments, titanium dioxide, cosmetic oils, and hydrating ingredients are aimed at efficient covering of skin imperfections, without burdening it.

For all skin types.
Instead of the day cream. For the skin too dry to using day cream.  To reach velvety look of the skin, we can slightly apply a powder over it. Suitable for all women who do not want to use classic make-up.


Softening Gel for Facial Non-steam Treatment

Use instead of direct steaming or compression. Ideal is to alter compression and softening gel. Application is pleasant and soothing.



For the whole family, including children (from the age of 3).
Active ingredients: silicon oils complex, beeswax, and vitamin E - against skin over-drying, and for its protection against the external influences and adverse weather (dusty environment, frost, wind, etc.)

On cleaned skin. It leaves no unpleasant oily film. 


Perfect Body-Milk

Silky emulsion of new generation, for velvety smooth and rejuvenated body skin.
Active ingredients: ceramides, Hyaluronic acid (50 – 3000 kDa), Dead Sea minerals, and vitamin E prevent skin dehydration, loss of elasticity, intensively increasing its strength and elasticity. 

After bathing, sunbathing, solarium treatments, or as needed.



Modern technology of new generation preserves and combines features of liquid oil and solid emulsion nature. It provides relief to dry and cracked lips as well as dry skin.
Active ingredients: argan oil, olive oil, apricot oil, sunflower oil, vitamin E.

The effect of active agents:
BIO argan oil - antioxidant and therapeutic effects, beneficial for the whole body. Due to its high content of unsaturated fatty acids, it is characterized by significantly softening and restructuring effects.
Olive oil  - especially anti-inflammatory, moisturizing effects.
Apricot oil - perfectly soothing and rejuvenating characteristics, high content of vitamins.
Sunflower oil  - thanks to its high Vitamin E content, it perfectly regenerates and softens the skin.
Natural Vitamin E - strong protection against skin damage, protects the skin against free radicals.

As needed.


Mineral mask

For all skin types. Creamy mask, with important trace elements (sodium, potassium, magnesium). 
Active ingredients: Dead Sea minerals, Dead Sea mud, and vitamin E are characterized by the properties, which will add the necessary hydration to the skin, strengthening the skin, improving its elasticity, removing dead skin cells, and cleaning the pores (black dots).

On cleaned skin, 1x per week, for a time period of max. 15min., wash it off afterwards. After the application, the skin gets fresh look, and it looks relaxed.


Mineral cream 24H

For all skin types. Multifunctional product, suitable for day and night care.
Active ingredients: Dead Sea minerals and vitamin E are aimed at protection, nutrition, hydration, and calming of the skin. Face osmoter of minerals strengthens the protective functions of the skin against external influences.

In the morning and in the evening on cleaned skin. After the treatment, the skin becomes smooth, and soft on touch. 


Massage Emulsion - facial

Mixture of oil and viscose ingredients. Outstanding greasy product suitable for all professional cosmetic massages.


Lanomed Ointment

For the treatment of very sensitive skin of the face and the entire body of both adults and children.
Product with a content of highly pure (99% percent) natural MEDILAN™, which is produced from a pharmaceutical lanolin /unique regenerative and soothing effects on the skin were proven by numerous clinical studies/. The product contains no perfumes or preservatives.

Lanomed ointment application possibilities: 
• treatment and calming of the skin of children (redness, over-dried skin, etc.) 
• treatment of cracked nipples (e.g. during breastfeeding) 
• treatment of dry, cracked lips 
• treatment and softening of sensitive and dry skin 
• soothing the skin after its irritation e.g. by cosmetic products 
• treatment of rough skin (hands, feet)
• soothing and softening of the skin (during psoriasis and atopic eczema) 
• treatment of allergenic skin (consult with a doctor in this case)
• treatment of the skin after irradiation

Apply a small amount of the product on the clean skin, and spread thoroughly. 
Use regularly, as needed, 1x - 5x per day.



Lipophilic cream for sensitive skin, containing regenerative and calming MEDILAN™.
Active ingredients: medilan, vitamin E, panthenol, beeswax, coconut oil derivative, and protective oils are aimed at stabilisation, calming, and protection of the skin against external influences. 

On cleaned skin, in the morning and evening. They leave no unpleasant oily film.



Contains soothing ingredients, aimed at skin structure optimization.
Active ingredients: hydrating ingredients (NMF), lecithin, buckthorn oil, and vitamin complex for hydration, nutrition, and skin structure improvement.

1x per week, for a time period of 15 min., wash it off afterwards After the treatment, the skin becomes smooth, soft on touch, and relaxed.


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