Collagen is an essential protein in our organism. Collagen fibres influence the elasticity and smoothness of the skin, as well as its ageing. The highest volume of collagen is contained in the skin at the age of 15 - 20; its content is gradually decreasing afterwards.
Between the ages of 25 - 30, its deficit manifests itself by the development of wrinkles, dry skin, brittleness of hair, and by fragile nails.
Post-menopausal women show the fastest decrease of collagen content in the skin. External supplementation of COLLAGEN ACTIVE in a form off serum or cream has a significant regeneration effect, because it supports normalization of the protective skin film - the epidermis, and it creates a barrier, which mitigates the losses of skin moistness. The amino acids contained in COLLAGEN ACTIVE possess the ability to penetrate into the depth, and they provide the skin with a source of nutritious ingredients.

COLLAGEN ACTIVE - FOR LIFE & MADAGA is a hydrate of biologically active 96% collagen, which is bound to a suitable "carrier" (cream or fluid). The manufacturing technology of FOR LIFE & MADAGA products - HIGH TECHNOLOGY III (similar to the one used for drugs) guarantees optimal pulverization of the carrier particles to the MICRONIZED size, allowing the effective ingredients to easily penetrate into the skin.