Have you already tried many products without any result? We have prepared a line just for you, which contains a wide complex of herbal extracts in an optimal concentration. Among the key herbs, there are arnica, plantain, sage, oak bark, silverweed, strawberry, lesser burnet, yarrow, tea tree oil, and others. Thanks to special extracts from these herbs, we reach great results - removal of negative manifestations of a problematic skin, such as pimply skin and redness. Additionally, over-drying of the skin or its damage is avoided! Our products solve the problem with acne deeply, not only on the surface. *(The antibacterial effect has been proven by a bacteriological study).

When solving more complicated problems with acne, it is useful to visit a specialized dermatologist, or expert FOR LIFE cosmetic salon, where the professional personnel will recommend you a system of a professional acne treatment in such a way, that you will reach satisfactory results in the shortest time possible.