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On this page you will find the survey of main rules of personal and other processed data protection. You can find more information in our General Terms of FOR LIFE spol. s r.o. company, in personal data protection section. 


1. Who processes your data?
We are operator of multiple product and dedicated websites, FOR LIFE spol. s r.o., Moravanská 191/85, 619 00 Brno,Czech Republic, Reg. No. 49977580, listed in Commercial register at Regional Court in Brno, section C, file 14156. and as administrator we will process your personal data in compliance with conditions stated below.

2. Which personal data of yours do we process?
We process only personal data that you submit to us in relation with using our services (e.g. within the frame of order or subscription to dedicated newsletters on,,, atd.), and concluding an agreement on using such service, respectively.

Most frequently those are the data that you submit on registration to some of our services:

• Email
• Password in coded form
• First name and surname (only if necessary for the specific service) or nickname (in case of account registration within the frame of e-mail services)
• Contact and/or delivery address (only in case of subscription to printed media)
• Profile information such as age, gender, geographic location, profile photos (if you place them to your account)
• Telephone number (exceptionally)
• Payment data that we save with your account (only if using paid services, e.g. shopping in our e-shop, etc.)
• Additional data voluntarily completed by you (e.g. in contact form) and further data that we acquire from your using our services:
• IP address
• Cookie files (in case of online services)
• Other eventual online identificator

On our web pages we use JavaScript to detect if the respective user uses adblocks in his/her web browser. This script is a part of source code of web pages managed by our company. It works by imitating advertisement displaying and at the same time it confirms that the ad has really been displayed on the respective device (PC, tablet, mobile, etc.).

If we detect that you use adblock, we may ask you to unblock the advertisement or disable adblock and/or we adjust in an adequate way displaying of the website contents.

You can disable the script for adblock detection, of course. In such case we reserve the right to limit your access to website contents run by us until repeated permission to use the mechanism for ad block detection.

3. Why do we process your personal data?

The main reason why we process your personal data is to manage your user accounts for our services, to be able to provide services you are interested in, no matter if free or paid ones (including administration and performance of payment in case of paid services), and to be able to ensure and improve security of our services and your data.

We process your data for the following further purposes:

• improving the quality of our services and development of new ones
• displaying advertisements based exclusively on your interest 
• analysing and measuring aimed at finding out how our services are used

• analyzing your preferences and displaying contents, corresponding to your individual needs
• winning a prize in consumer polls organized by us and delivery thereof to winners
• sending business messages including offers of products and third-party services (withdrawal from accepting business messages can be done in the setting of service in which the user had registered to subscribe such messages, or by e-mail: 
and dedicated newsletters
• reply to your inquiry sent via contact form

Thanks to giving us your permission to process your personal data we can continue to provide some of our services for free.

4. Who will have access to your personal data?

Your data are safe with us. We choose carefully our partners to which we forward your data, who are able to ensure such technical and organizational security of your data to avoid unathorized or random access to your data or other misusage. Our priority is to protect your data. All of our partners are bound by confidentiality duty; they are not allowed to use the data provided for any other purposes than those which we made the data accessible for.

The following are third parties which may have access to your personal data depending on the service you use or used:

• persons to which we provide data for the purpose of our websites visitor number analyses;
• persons providing technological performance of a specific service or operators of technologies used for our services;
• persons who deliver our media, prizes or presents within our marketing events
•persons providing sufficient security and integrity of our services and websites, testing such security on regular basis;
• payment gates providers (credit cards providers);
• business partners or sponsors who take part in organizing our events, conferences, seminars, etc.
• collection agencies for the purpose of debt collection for our company;
• operators of advertising systems related to targeted advertising;
• operators of technological solutions thanks to which we can display contents and advertisement relevant exclusively for you.

Under specified, precisely defined conditions, we are obliged to forward some of your personal data in compliance with applicable law to e.g. Police of the Czech Republic and/or other authorities in criminal proceedings including specialized units (ÚOOZ, Customs Office, etc.), and other public administration authorities.

5. What are cookies and what cookie types do we use?

Cookies are small data files thanks to which the websites visited remember operations and individual users settings they had performed there, so it is not necessary to enter such data repeatedly. Cookie files are saved in individual computers through web browsers. Cookies do not represent any danger, they do not serve to acquire any confidential personal data. However, they are important as to privacy protection. We do not use cookies to identify website users or misuse logging data.

Cookies, for instance, can enable to recognize the user as an existing one (e.g. when logging in to his/her e-mail account, payment authorization, etc.) or adapt the respective service to user´s preferences (TV programmes, weather forecast, horoscopes). We also use cookies to display so-called behaviorally targeted on-line advertisements on company web portals or outside. To put it simple,to display only such advertisements that are relevant for the specific user without bothering him/her by advertisements which the user is not interested in.

We use cookie files also in cases when the user makes use of services that we offer to our partners, such as advertising services or company services which can be displayed on other websites.

Third parties cookies are another group (e.g. Google Analytics for visitor number analyses of a specific website or specific service or cookies of advertising systems used on our website operators). Such cookies are directed by third parties and we do not have access to reading or recording such data.

You as users have the possibility to refuse using cookies. It might happen, however, that in some cases displaying our entire service or product without using cookie will not be possible.

If using cookies will be allowed in your browser, we will suppose that you agree with using standard cookies by our websites.

If you do not want to save such cookies, it is possible to block using thereof following the instructions on the address

More information on cookie types and use in our services available on

6. For how long do we process your personal data?

We will process your data for the entire time of your using our services (i.e. duration of the agreement relation between us) and afterwards based on your consent for the period of further 10 years, unless your consent with personal data processing is withdrawn from your part.

Please note that regardless of your content or even after the withdrawal thereof we must process for the time stipulated by the respective law or in compliance with it the personal data necessary for proper providing of service or fulfilment of our duties, respectively, no matter if they result of an agreement between us or generally applicable law.p>

The data acquired on registration for our specific service, if it is possible to use such service without your consent with your personal data processing, we process data for the time of using the service registered and further for usually 6 to 12 months after consent withdrawal. Afterwards, only basic identification data, data on why the registration has been terminated or data being a part of operation backups are stored for adequate time.

We collect and save data acquired from the contact form or acquired in relation to sending your inquiry  for the period of 6 months from acquiring such data.

7. Can we process your personal data even without your consent?
Yes, we can process your personal data even without your consent but only for the purposes of

• providing a service or product (fulfilment of agreement concluded between you and us, an agreement being also factual use of certain service without necessarily signing anything);
• fulfilment of legal duties, resulting for us of generally applicable law (e.g. we are obliged to store operation and localization data in compliance with Law No. 127/2005 Coll., on electronic communication); or
•processing necessary for the purposes of our  legitimate interests (e.g. for direct marketing, ensuring our websites security).

Possibility and legitimacy of such processing is given directly by applicable law and your consent is not required.

8. What is the basis for your personal data processing?
As stated before, we can process your personal data based on your consent and further for instance based on our legitimate interests (especially processing for the purposes of direct marketing) or to fulfil an agreement concluded between us, within the scope of personal data that are necessary for such fulfilment. Last but not least, fulfilment of duties resulting of law is a reason allowing to process your personal data without your consent. The specific purposes why we perform individual processing of your data are stated above.

9. How are my personal data secured?
Any personal data you submit to us are secured by standard operations and technologies. It is not objectively possible to guarantee your personal data security completely. Therefore, it is not possible to secure for 100 % that a third person cannot acquire access, they cannot be copied, published, changed or destroyed by violating our security measures

In relation to that, anyway, we would like to make you sure that we check on regular basis whether the system does not show weak spots and that it was not exposed to attack. We use security measures preventing from unauthorized access to your personal data, which are available to provide sufficient security regarding the current state of technologies. The implemented security measures are updated on regular basis.

To provide better security to your personal data, the access to such data is protected by passwords and sensitive data are coded when being transferred between your browser and our web pages.

However, without your help and responsible behaviour we are not capable to provide full security for your data. Please, help us provide security for your data by keeping your unique passwords and other logging data for our services secret and observing basic security rules. Please note that e-mails, quick messages on chats, blogs, and other types of communication with the other website users are not coded. Therefore we strongly recommend to avoid using such forms of communication when submitting confidential information.

10. How and when can you withdraw your consent with personal data processing?
You can withdraw your voluntary consent with personal data processing anytime for free. You can do it by sending an e-mail message to:
Consent withdrawal does not have impact on processing of personal data that we process in compliance with other legal basis than consent (i.e. especially if the processing is required to fulfill an agreement, legal duty or other reasons stipulated in the applicable law).

11. Am I obliged to submit my personal data? What happens if I do not submit my personal data?
You submit your personal data on voluntary basis (to acquire access to some services, however, submitting of some personal data is required, which means that if you do not submit the data, you will not be allowed to use the service).

Processing of your personal data, often in anonymous form, without being able to identify you as specific user, allows us to provide our services to you for free, constantly improving them as well as developping new services. If you do not grant us your consent or withdraw it respectively, it can happen that we will not be able to provide some of our services to you for free anymore or provide them in full scope and quality required. However, it is not your duty to use our free services, of course.

12. What are all your rights related to personal data protection?

In relation to your personal data, you have the following rights:
• the right to withdraw your consent anytime;
• the right to correct or complete your personal data;
• the right to require restricting of processing;
• the right to object to processing in specific cases (see 13);
• the right to complain at the supervisory authority (in the Czech Republic, the supervisory authority is The Office for Personal Data Protection (Úřad pro ochranu osobních údajů),;
• the right to data transfer;
• the right to personal data access;
• the right to be informed on personal data security violation in specific cases;
• the right to request personal data delisting (the Right to be Forgotten) in specific cases; and
further rights stipulated in the act on personal data protection and in general regulation on personal data protection No. 2016/679 as applicable. 

13. What does it mean that you have the right to object to personal data processing?
Should you not like anymore that from time to time you get a business message or other information on novelties in our product and service portfolio from us, you have an opportunity to raise an objection to your personal data further processing for direct marketing purposes. If you do so, we will not process your data for this purpoose anymore and we will not send you any further business messages and newsletters.

More detailed information on this right is available especially in Art. 21 of general regulation on personal data protection No. 2016/679.

14. How can you contact us?
In case of any inquiry related to personal data protection or withdrawal of your consent with further processing of your personal data, please use the contact form available in the Contacts section on the following address - or write to our address: Moravanská 85, 619 00 Brno, Czech Republic, attention to Commissioner for personal data protection.

In relation to that please note that we may want you to identify yourself in a suitable way, so that we can verify your identity.This is a preventive measure to avoid enabling unauthorized persons to access your personaldata. For the purposes of service quality improving and keeping records on fulfilling our legal duties, all communication with you is monitored.

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