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Oily skin with pores


For mixed, oily and problematic (acneous) skin.
Light gel-creamy emulsion with hydro-complex and herbal extracts.
Active ingredients: cleaning particles and oils, emulsifying complex, hydrating complex of glycerine, and oak bark extract are designed for easy make-up and skin impurities removal.

Apply the product on your face, using a cosmetic tampon or your fingertips, gently massaging it in for about 1 minute. Gently clean it off afterwards.

€13.30 / 200 ml


For oily and problematic (acneous) skin with low alcohol content.
Tonic with innovated formula of effective ingredients for cleaning of the excessive skin sebum and impurities.
Active ingredients: sage, arnica montana, oak bark focus on pores tightening, black dots cleaning, and acneous manifestations reduction. They provide outstanding soothing effect, making the skin feel perfectly  fresh and clean.

Moisten a cosmetic tampon and clean your skin by gentle moves.

€13.30 / 200 ml


Innovative biphasic formula for quick make-up, waterproof make-up, and mascara removal. Eyebright extract and panthenol are characterized by their soothing effects. Babassu oil optimally cleans the skin. 
Perfume free.

Moisten a cosmetic tampon and remove the make-up from the eye area by gentle moves. 

€14.10 / 200 ml


For mature, normal, mixed and oily skin.
Tiny peeling bodies in a gentle gel-cream base will gently remove the dead skin cells.
Active ingredients: tiny silicon peeling bodies, cosmetic oils, and hydrating base will brighten the skin, preparing it for application of a skin mask, or special products. After its use, the skin becomes revitalized. 

Apply on the face, using your fingertips; massage your skin by gentle circular motions. Rinse with water, or cleanse with skin tonic afterwards. Make sure the product does not get in contact with your eyes!
Use 1x per 14 days. We do not perform peeling on a sensitive or dry skin.

€11.20 / 18 ml
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