It has been designed according to the latest knowledge of the professionals in the field of cosmetology and dermatology. Its unique processing technology pushes the boundaries in the field of cosmetic care. For Life spol. s r. o.,  has been developing this brand new technology for several years, and now it  introduces is on the market in its unique composition.

Active ingredients
• 24k micro-powdered gold 
• 24k colloid gold  
• Citrustem™ vegetable stem cells 
• Caviar
• Hyaluronic acid 
• Collagen 
• Hydrating and vitamin complex

Effects of the active ingredients:
• they protect the skin from early ageing, help to reduce mimic and deep wrinkles
• they improve elasticity, soften the look of the skin, restore its natural brightness
• they provide intensive hydration; add energy, increase skin strength and its elasticity
• they reduce unpleasant signs of weariness, release skin tension
• they help to fight against toxins and negative influences of the environment
• they do not clog the pores, induce high feeling of comfort
• they leave the skin velvety soft and smoothed
• the molecular recovery factor stimulates self-regenerating function of the skin and regulates its cells