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Micro-emulsion barrier system for maintaining the skin in a healthy condition.
Prevents skin ageing due to the UV radiation. 
For regular application - day and night. For adults and children from the age of 3.

PATENTED! CS PATENT FOR LIFE spol. s r. o./2011

Clinical studies have  proved, that after applying 2DERM products, the damaged skin starts to heal very fast, itching  less, the irritation is removed, the dryness reduced, and the overall regeneration 
is faster. At the same time, they are suitable for treatment of the skin of children and adults with sensitive, dry, and otherwise dysfunctional skin.


Apply 1x – 3x per day on the skin surface, and spread thoroughly.

2DERM Dermo-cosmetic for the long-term treatment of hypersensitive, sensitive, and  threatened skins.

Suitable for conditions with damaged barrier function of the skin, i.e.: 
- oversensitive skins (e.g. to cosmetic products, drugs, allergens, etc.) 
- conditions of so called hypersensitive skin, with increased reactions
  (redness, swelling, burning)

- irritated skins (by sun, mechanical friction, etc.)
- after an intervention
  (chemical peeling, laser, microdermabrasion, hair removal and the like)

- ageing, wrinkled skins
- dry, cracked skin and lips
- as a prevention from external influences and bad weather conditions
- skins with malfunction of the barrier function:
•    atopic dermatitis
•    psoriasis, lichen ruber in the phase of acute eruption with distinctive itching 
•    seborrheic dermatitis 
•    congenital skin dryness - xeroderma

No side effects of 2DERM on healthy and damaged skin were found. In exceptional cases light burning sensation may occur. This is not a reason to discontinue the application!
It is a reaction of free nerve endings, which are uncovered on human skin caused by damaged skin barrier function. The burning sensation will disappear after few applications, because 2DERM creates moisturizing surface protection that promotes the skin in gradual firmness and regeneration process.



For mature, normal, mixed and oily skin.
Tiny peeling bodies in a gentle gel-cream base will gently remove the dead skin cells.
Active ingredients: tiny silicon peeling bodies, cosmetic oils, and hydrating base will brighten the skin, preparing it for application of a skin mask, or special products. After its use, the skin becomes revitalized. 

Apply on the face, using your fingertips; massage your skin by gentle circular motions. Rinse with water, or cleanse with skin tonic afterwards. Make sure the product does not get in contact with your eyes!
Use 1x per 14 days. We do not perform peeling on a sensitive or dry skin.



Emulsion, easily absorbable creamy texture, with an optimal content of effective ingredients with proven effects. 
These selected ingredients from sea algae were developed and patented at French biotechnological laboratories, and they are considered to be one of the most effective in the world.

Active ingredients: red sea alga, brown sea alga, Escin, Menthol, Dead Sea mineral salt 
• they increase lipolysis (fat releasing) up to seven times more than adrenalin
• they reduce lipogenesis - storing the reserve fats
• they prevent excessive retention of water in the cells
• they support micro-circulation, and they also have an anti-oedema effect 

Daily, morning and evening, by massaging moves at the affected areas for a time period of one to three months. After that, preventively 1x per week. If needed, repeat the cure after 6 months! 


Regular massages of the affected parts combined with effective cosmetic products enhance the desired results.

Regular workout, at least 2 times per week accelerates metabolic processes, stimulates lymphatic ways and micro-circulation of blood. On the contrary, insufficient activity, and especially sedentary job increases the cellulitis.

Many women believe that it is necessary to be on a diet to fight against the cellulitis, which is a big mistake! On the contrary, a big problem of many women is an insufficient drinking regime! Generally, it is recommended to reduce food with high fat content, fried food, and hot spices. Increase the intake of vegetable, cereals, legumes, fish, cottage cheese, and cheese. From the fruits, it is good to consume pineapple, papaya, mango, and kiwi, namely for their cleaning ability, and vitamin C content.  

Drinking régime
Increasing the fluid intake: 2-3 litres per day. Unsweetened clear water or herbal teas e.g. dandelion, marigold, nettle, and green tea are appropriate. Reduce alcohol, coffee, and black tea consumption.

FOR LIFE & MADAGA recommendations
The effectiveness of the product can be considerably increased by combining home treatment with the Anticellulite SPA professional care in the cosmetic salon, and by following the above mentioned recommendations.



Cream for both day and night care, for the skin with higher demands.
Active ingredients: green tea extract, sugar esters, coconut oil derivative, vitamin E, Hyaluronic acid - hydrating factor, and a soft gel hydrate, smooth, and clean your skin, fighting against free radicals. 

On cleaned skin.



New generation texture day & night (2 in 1). For normal and mixed skin.
Active ingredients: micronized extract from ginseng, elderberry, vitamins E and C, calming panthenol, glycerine, and the micro-emulsion system provide the skin with immediate and intensive hydration. They strengthen the natural immunity of the skin and protect it from the early ageing and negative environmental impact.

As needed, on cleaned skin.



For mature, dry, normal and mixed skin.
Creamy product containing cleaning oils and high quality emulsifiers for gentle cleaning of the skin and the eye area.
Active ingredients: glycerine, cleaning oil, and emulsifying complex leave the skin fine and smooth. 

Apply the product on your face and the eye area, using a cosmetic tampon or your fingertips, gently massaging it in for about 1 minute. Gently clean it off afterwards.



Soft cream for day or night, with protective, revitalizing, and hydrating features 
Active ingredients: collagen, Hyaluronic acid (50 – 3000 kDa), vitamin E, and the micro-emulsion system induce the velvety skin effect, stimulate the process of the collagen fibres synthesis, and wrinkle smoothing. The skin is more elastic and soft on touch.

On cleaned skin, individually, or on the serum.

Our tip
For the maximum effect, we recommend using COLLAGEN ACTIVE cream, along with the COLLAGEN ACTIVE serum product.



For smoothed young-looking skin.
Active ingredients: hydrating ingredients (NMF), collagen, Hyaluronic acid (50 – 3000 kDa), and panthenol are the key ingredients for wrinkle reduction and skin elasticity restoration. The effect of active ingredients is visible almost immediately, thanks to their penetrating into the skin surface and “acting as a filling or filler“.

Skin-face, neck line.
On cleaned skin. Work the serum in, by pressing it into the skin using fingers, either individually, or under a cream.

Our tip
For the maximum effect, we recommend using COLLAGEN ACTIVE cream along with the COLLAGEN ACTIVE serum product.



For oily and problematic skin.
Complex care with an increased content of effective ingredients.
Active ingredients: herbal extracts - sage, arnica, and oak bark unify the skin, focusing on the reduction of acneous manifestations and skin imperfections.

In the morning or evening, apply a small amount of the product on the skin. For the day, cover it by a cream (e.g. 2Derm Colour) or by make-up. In the evening, use Control cream 24H. Or apply a thicker layer on the skin 2x per week, let it work for 15 minutes, and wash it off with water afterwards. 



For oily and problematic skin.
Easily absorbable texture of new generation day & night (2 in 1) will leave the skin unified and rejuvenated.
Active ingredients: aloe vera, hamamelis, sage, vitamins, glycerine, and the micro-emulsion system focus on pores tightening and acneous manifestations reduction.

As needed, on cleaned skin.



Concentrated mixture of effective ingredients in fluid hydro base for local treatment of the skin with widened thread veins (teleangiectasies).
Active ingredients: escin, rutin, osmocide, panthenol, and silicone oil are aimed at  thin vascular walls strengthening and micro-circulation support.

Practical advice for treatment of the skin with widened thread veins
Recommended FOR LIFE & MADAGA care:
1) Home treatment: 2x a day cleaning lotion, alcohol free skin tonic, and subsequently ECTASIN serum applied locally. Cream depending on a skin type on the rest of the face parts. 
2) Active care: 2x per month - treatment by a professional beautician, with Ectasin intensive cure + daily treatment.

•    contains optimally effective ingredients 
•    it can be used for a long time, without any undesirable side effects 
•    contains no preservatives or perfumes 
•    it is very effective on the skin, being well accepted

2x per day, locally on the affected areas. Individually or under a cream, massage a drop of the product into the skin. Perfume free.



Daily cream on the basis of natural raw materials, aimed at velvety look, complex protection, and an anti-age effect.
Active ingredients: δ-Viniferin, BIO oil from grape seeds, almond oil, Shea butter, biosaccharide, inorganic UV titanium (nano filter), vitamins E, A, F, and minerals. 

Thoroughly spread a small amount of the product over the cleaned skin. Use individually, or under a make-up. 

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