FOR LIFE & Madaga cosmetic production complies with strict EU standards.
All cosmetic products are formulated to maximize utilization of active substances.Thorough choice of cosmetic products ensures healthy condition of your skin in long term perspective.

Development and manufacturing of FOR LIFE & MADAGA products is done using the HIGH TECHNOLOGY III (similar to the one used for drugs), which provides:

•  faster transdermal absorbency of the products
•  immediate transport of active ingredients into the skin
•  greater protection of the skin against external influences
•  avoiding the formation of comedones, prevention of widening of pores
•  greater effect - hydration, nutrition, and regeneration
•  increasing of tolerance for sensitive skin types
•  guarantee of maximal safety and gentleness of the products

We actively participate in the research in the field of effects of cosmetics on the skin, and we have patented an emulsion system for supporting natural regeneration of damaged skin.