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A concentrated fluid product with higher contents of active components. It is active not only on the surface, but it inhibits excessive production of melanin in pigment cells and the skin becomes gradually lighter.
Active ingredients: TEGO Cosmo, stable derivate of vitamin C, Vitamin B3 – Niacin, Aloe Vera extract.

Tego Cosmo
An amino acid derivate (creatinine) naturally produced by the body. It reduces a yellow tone of the skin and lightens the complexion. It appears to be more effective than the currently used agents, e.g the kojic or azelaic acids. The amino acid affects (slows down) the transfer of melanin from melanocytes to keratinocytes in a safe way. The principle consists in slowing down the activity of tyrosinase in pigment cells (melanin production), i.e. the process which influences the skin turning brown. 

Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate
A stable derivate of vitamin C with an anti-oxidizing effect. It has an inhibitive effect on melanin synthesis (lightens the skin) and stimulates the collagen production.

Vitamin B3 decreases pigmentation and has a soothing effect. It stimulates collagen synthesis in older fibroblasts and, moreover, application of niacin results in a significant decrease of transepidermal water loss (TEWL).

Micronized Aloe Vera extract
Apart from its soothing properties it also helps to balance the skin tone.

Apply a small amount of the product locally on a cleaned skin 2x per day. Cover with cream during the day (preferably with the WHITE CONCEPT anti-pigment cream) or with make-up. We do not recommend using nourishing masks and creams immediately after the application (approx. up to 30 min).
Reducing pigment spots is a long-term issue, which is why you should keep taking care of your skin and use the product regularly for four to eight weeks! 
In some cases it might be necessary to repeat the whole treatment again.

•  Prevent the products from getting into your eyes! 
•  Do not use on injured skin!
•  Products are not intended for removing or whitening birthmarks!
•  Products are not suitable for children and teenagers under 18 years!

What should you know about pigmentation?
Every person is more or less prone to the development of pigment spots. First of all, it is necessary to protect the skin and be aware of risks of e.g. sunbathing, solarium etc. Therefore, use suitable protective products with an appropriate UV / SPF filter. For children, this measure applies twice!

Increased pigmentation (formation of pigment spots) is caused by melanin production. There are several factors influencing the melanin production:
a) hormonal contraception 
b)  use of some perfumes the skin reacts with
c) skin rashes, skin injuries followed by sunbathing
d) liver diseases
e) when exposing the skin to excessive sunlight without using appropriate protective means. This factor has the biggest impact on the pigment production.


1. WHITE CONCEPT FOR LIFE & MADAGA risk-free method
Reduction of melanin production – influencing the melanin production in pigment cells.

This is a safe and proved method based on gradual lightening of existing pigment spots while reducing the production of new pigment. TEGO COSMO is an agent which effectiveness reaches 80% in comparison with the known products, e.g. azelaic acid and kojic acid. Its effect is now actively supported by other components (a stable derivate of vitamin C and vitamin B3). Lightening the skin by using these agents is gentle with a long-term effect and there is no risk of destruction or undesirable reactions. Skin pigment is lightened to its natural tone. Moreover, due to its composition it helps to catch free radicals. We recommend using the FOR LIFE & MADAGA method for at least 2 months.

2. Whitening skin surface by AHA acids
“Etching” the surface layer of the skin by concentrated fruit or glycolic acids.

In order for this method to be effective, it is performed by a qualified specialist as an outpatient’s treatment.
This method is fast, but you should be aware that it is effective only on the skin surface, which is why it does not prevent the pigment spots to reappear. Moreover, it might not be suitable for all clients. It requires more discipline as the patients cannot expose themselves to sunlight during the treatment at all.

3. LASER – removing pigment spots by laser beam
One of the “modern” methods is removing pigment spots by laser. This step requires more discipline and longer skin recovery time. It is particularly used for acute cases of accumulated pigment (after sunbathing, injuries, medication). It is performed by a professional dermatologist. Laser treatment should be most preferably followed by a gentle FOR LIFE & MADAGA depigmentation method.

33.80 € / 30 ml 42.20 €


For oily and problematic skin.
A new generation basis, specially adapted to the requirements of oily and pimpled skin. 
Active ingredients: inorganic tri-complex of talcum, zinc, kaolin, hamamelis extract, and fluid hydrosilicate - matte gel focus on reduction of excessive sebum and widened pores.

Prior to using the cream, apply a small amount of the Control Base product on the skin.

24.50 € / 30 ml


Concentrated hydrophilic serum with an optimal content and excellent ability to bind and retain water in the skin.
Active ingredients: Hyaluronic acid (HA), lipogel, panthenol. The ability of HA to penetrate into the skin, and the unique hydrating and viscoelastic properties enable skin softening  and skin elasticity restoration, which are the key factors for effective wrinkle reduction and skin tensioning.

On cleaned skin, individually, or under a cream. Work the serum in, by pressing it into the skin using fingers.

Our tip
For maximum effect, we recommend using HYALURONIC ACID cream along with the HYALURONIC ACID serum product.

34.80 € / 30 ml


For day and night care.
A delicate product based on natural BIO raw materials for complex nutrition and protection of fine skin around your eyes.
Active ingredients: Argan oil BIO, Jojoba oil BIO, Apricot oil LZS, Olive oil  BIO, Sunflower oil BIO, Shea butter BIO, Tocopherol – natural vitamin E, BIO saccharide, ALOE VERA juice, Lonicera Japonica. 

Gently massage around your eyes in the morning and in the evening. 

26.50 € / 30 ml


A concentrate of very pleasant (fluid/cream) texture, with increased content of the BIO-active, effective ingredients and oils. 
Active ingredients: δ-Viniferin, BIO oil from grape seeds, almond oil, biosaccharide, vitamins E, A, F, and minerals are aimed at extra nutrition, hydration, and complex anti age effect.

On cleaned skin, preferably in the evening. Spread a small amount of the product on your face, neck, or possibly décolletage. The concentrate does not need to be covered by a cream.

30.80 € / 30 ml


Innovative, hydrofluid serum with bio-synergistic complex of ingredients for skin remodelling. 
Active ingredients: bisabolol, collagen, Hyaluronic acid (NMF), vitamin E, biomolecular extract from sea algae, extract from Baldr‘s brow, and panthenol are aimed at complex anti-age, lifting and protective effect.

In the evening, on cleaned skin. Under a cream, or individually. Optimally, by gentle tapping and working in by a remodelling massage.

Our tip
For the maximum effect, we recommend using REMODELLING cream, along with REMODELLING Elixir.

41.80 € / 30 ml


Biological Radiance Enhancing Teint with fine gold powder. For all skin types.
Light texture, which reflects light, optically smoothers and gently covers all imperfections, without burdening the skin.
The product is suitable especially for women who do not want to use classic make-up, and prefer natural skin look. After the application, it adapts to the natural shade of the skin.
Active ingredients: special inorganic pigments, golden micro-powder, titanium dioxide, cosmetic oils, hydrating ingredients, panthenol, beta-glucan, vitamin E, and the micro-emulsion system respect the biological processes of the skin.

Application: as needed. The texture is easily applied, it is non-comedogenic (does not clog the pores).  


26.20 € / 30 ml


Concentrated mixture of natural effective ingredients in a fluid hydro base. Perfume free!
Active ingredients: biomolecular extract from see algae, Alaria Esculenta, Tripleurospermum Maritimum - Baldr‘s brow, and panthenol are designed for immediate skin hydration, smoothing, and brightening. They help restore the youthful contours of the face and neck.

In the evening, on cleaned skin, under a cream. Massage a drop of the product into the skin.

51.50 € / 30 ml


Formulated exclusively for beauty saloons.


For skin refreshing and brightening.
Active ingredients: green tea (extract), Hyaluronic Acid (50 – 3000 kDa), beta-glucan, bisabolol, vitamin E, and olive oil are aimed at skin tensioning and softening. Green tea extract detoxifies and fights against free radicals.

In the morning, under a make-up or cream, and in the evening on cleaned skin.


28.70 € / 30 ml


Crème mask based on natural substances in BIO quality for velvet look.
Active substances: Argan oil BIO, Jojoba oil BIO, Apricot oil LZS, Olive oil  BIO, Sunflower oil BIO, Shea butter BIO, Tocopherol – natural vitamin E, BIO saccharide, ALOE VERA juice, Lonicera Japonica. 

1x per week on cleaned skin. Within common cosmetic care, apply small volume (approximately 5 ml) on your face and neck, let it act for 10 – 15 minutes, then wash away or remove excessive quantity with a paper napkin.


19.60 € / 30 ml


For all skin types.
Semi-oily, hydro-active cream for eye area wrinkle care.
Active ingredients: softening oils, bisabolol, mineral complex (sodium, potassium, magnesium, trace and mineral elements ), and vitamin E fill the tiny lines. They have nutritious and emollient abilities, helping to optimize a good condition of the skin.

Apply a small amount of the product on the eye area, and gently massage it in.

24.50 € / 30 ml
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