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Clinical studies have  proved, that after applying 2DERM products, the damaged skin starts to heal very fast, itching  less, the irritation is removed, the dryness reduced, and the overall regeneration is faster. At the same time, they are suitable for treatment of the skin of children and adults with sensitive, dry, and otherwise dysfunctional skin.

PATENTED! CS PATENT FOR LIFE spol. s r. o./2011

Unique, new approach to the treatment of chronic conditions of damaged skin based on temporal substitution of the skin barrier. 
No age limitation. For children from infancy.

Indications of 2DERM REHA special

1. As a support for damaged skin healing
+ skin diseases
(eczema, dermatitis - diaper, perioral, from licking, rosacea, sore spots, acne - microbial colonization treatment  and improving the skin condition, etc.)
+ after skin traumas
(bruises, burns, chemical burns, blisters, sunburns, insect bites)
+ after corrective skin procedures
(laser, dermabrasion, chemical peeling, mesotherapy, mikroneedling, etc.)
+ after frequent washing (soaps and detergents)
+ due to external causes (wind, frost, air humidity)
+ after tattoos

2. As a protection against the effects of  external environment
+ hypersensitive skin (reduces itching and scratching)
+ against UV radiation effects
+ against the effects of soaps and detergents
+ against penetration of an infection into the skin (antimicrobial effect)
+ diaper dermatitis prevention


For adults and children (with no age limit).

+ for small areas
+ acute skin damage
+ intensive treatment of the most affected areas

Dosage  and application of  2DERM REHA special
For face, hands, and other acutely deteriorated areas, 2x per day, or according to the condition and need - with no time limit.

No side effects of 2DERM on healthy and damaged skin were found. In exceptional cases light burning sensation may occur. This is not a reason to discontinue the application!
It is a reaction of free nerve endings, which are uncovered on human skin caused by damaged skin barrier function. The burning sensation will disappear after few applications, because 2DERM creates moisturizing surface protection that promotes the skin in gradual firmness and regeneration process.


12.20 € / 20 ml


For frequent washing.
Active ingredients: Dead Sea minerals and softening ingredients add shine to your hair.
The contained high quality surfactants are easy to wash out, and they do not burden the hair skin. The product is also suitable for people who experience skin reactions after using common shampoos.

Apply a small amount of the shampoo on your wet hair and massage it into your hair skin. Let it work for 2-3 minutes, and wash it off by water.

10.40 € / 200 ml


For mature, dry, normal and mixed skin.
Creamy product containing cleaning oils and high quality emulsifiers for gentle cleaning of the skin and the eye area.
Active ingredients: glycerine, cleaning oil, and emulsifying complex leave the skin fine and smooth. 

Apply the product on your face and the eye area, using a cosmetic tampon or your fingertips, gently massaging it in for about 1 minute. Gently clean it off afterwards.

12.10 € / 200 ml


Use instead of direct steaming or compression. Ideal is to alter compression and softening gel. Application is pleasant and soothing.


Semi-oily regenerative cream for day and night care. 
Active ingredients: lecithin, coconut oil derivative, glycerine, and vitamin E for regular everyday care, rejuvenation, and for maintaining a young look.

On cleaned skin.

18.60 € / 50 ml 23.30 €


For the treatment of very sensitive skin of the face and the entire body of both adults and children.
Product with a content of highly pure (99% percent) natural MEDILAN™, which is produced from a pharmaceutical lanolin /unique regenerative and soothing effects on the skin were proven by numerous clinical studies/. The product contains no perfumes or preservatives.

Lanomed ointment application possibilities: 
• treatment and calming of the skin of children (redness, over-dried skin, etc.) 
• treatment of cracked nipples (e.g. during breastfeeding) 
• treatment of dry, cracked lips 
• treatment and softening of sensitive and dry skin 
• soothing the skin after its irritation e.g. by cosmetic products 
• treatment of rough skin (hands, feet)
• soothing and softening of the skin (during psoriasis and atopic eczema) 
• treatment of allergenic skin (consult with a doctor in this case)
• treatment of the skin after irradiation

Apply a small amount of the product on the clean skin, and spread thoroughly. 
Use regularly, as needed, 1x - 5x per day.

11.70 € / 18 ml


Modern technology of new generation preserves and combines features of liquid oil and solid emulsion nature. It provides relief to dry and cracked lips as well as dry skin.
Active ingredients: argan oil, olive oil, apricot oil, sunflower oil, vitamin E.

The effect of active agents:
BIO argan oil - antioxidant and therapeutic effects, beneficial for the whole body. Due to its high content of unsaturated fatty acids, it is characterized by significantly softening and restructuring effects.
Olive oil  - especially anti-inflammatory, moisturizing effects.
Apricot oil - perfectly soothing and rejuvenating characteristics, high content of vitamins.
Sunflower oil  - thanks to its high Vitamin E content, it perfectly regenerates and softens the skin.
Natural Vitamin E - strong protection against skin damage, protects the skin against free radicals.

As needed.

10.70 € / 18 ml


Emulsion, easily absorbable creamy texture, with an optimal content of effective ingredients with proven effects. 
These selected ingredients from sea algae were developed and patented at French biotechnological laboratories, and they are considered to be one of the most effective in the world.

Active ingredients: red sea alga, brown sea alga, Escin, Menthol, Dead Sea mineral salt 
• they increase lipolysis (fat releasing) up to seven times more than adrenalin
• they reduce lipogenesis - storing the reserve fats
• they prevent excessive retention of water in the cells
• they support micro-circulation, and they also have an anti-oedema effect 

Daily, morning and evening, by massaging moves at the affected areas for a time period of one to three months. After that, preventively 1x per week. If needed, repeat the cure after 6 months! 


Regular massages of the affected parts combined with effective cosmetic products enhance the desired results.

Regular workout, at least 2 times per week accelerates metabolic processes, stimulates lymphatic ways and micro-circulation of blood. On the contrary, insufficient activity, and especially sedentary job increases the cellulitis.

Many women believe that it is necessary to be on a diet to fight against the cellulitis, which is a big mistake! On the contrary, a big problem of many women is an insufficient drinking regime! Generally, it is recommended to reduce food with high fat content, fried food, and hot spices. Increase the intake of vegetable, cereals, legumes, fish, cottage cheese, and cheese. From the fruits, it is good to consume pineapple, papaya, mango, and kiwi, namely for their cleaning ability, and vitamin C content.  

Drinking régime
Increasing the fluid intake: 2-3 litres per day. Unsweetened clear water or herbal teas e.g. dandelion, marigold, nettle, and green tea are appropriate. Reduce alcohol, coffee, and black tea consumption.

FOR LIFE & MADAGA recommendations
The effectiveness of the product can be considerably increased by combining home treatment with the Anticellulite SPA professional care in the cosmetic salon, and by following the above mentioned recommendations.

28.50 € / 200 ml


For mature, sensitive and couperose skin.
Non-irritating tonic, with anti-wrinkle content. Perfume free.
Active ingredients: osmocide, Baldr‘s brow, panthenol, and emollient ingredients are focused on gentle cleaning and skin stimulation.

Moisten a cosmetic tampon and clean your skin by gentle moves.


20.20 € / 200 ml


Containing emollient ingredients and soothing extract.
Active ingredients: Eyebright extract, glycerine, hydrating ingredients, PHARMA PUR ultra-clean water and natural lemon balm essential oils focus on releasing the tension and soothing the eye area (eyelids, under-eye pouches).

Along with the mask, or upon a feeling of tired eyes (heavy eyelids, burning e.g. when working with a PC, etc.) Moisten a cosmetic tampon, close your eyes, and place it on the eye area. Let it work as needed, for 5 to 20 min, and relax meanwhile. Caution: if you have permanent problems with the conjunctivas (chronic conjunctivitis, etc.), do not use the product, and let your doctor take care of you.

13.50 € / 200 ml


For dry and mature skin. Alcohol free.
Tonic with innovated formula of effective ingredients for perfect cleaning of the skin from all impurities. 
Active ingredients: St. John‘s Wort and lemon balm soften the skin, refreshing it pleasantly and adding hydration. 

Moisten a cosmetic tampon and clean your skin by gentle moves.

12.10 € / 200 ml


Lipophilic cream for sensitive skin, containing regenerative and calming MEDILAN™.
Active ingredients: medilan, vitamin E, panthenol, beeswax, coconut oil derivative, and protective oils are aimed at stabilisation, calming, and protection of the skin against external influences. 

On cleaned skin, in the morning and evening. They leave no unpleasant oily film.

24.90 € / 50 ml
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