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Clinical studies have  proved, that after applying 2DERM products, the damaged skin starts to heal very fast, itching  less, the irritation is removed, the dryness reduced, and the overall regeneration is faster. At the same time, they are suitable for treatment of the skin of children and adults with sensitive, dry, and otherwise dysfunctional skin.

PATENTED! CS PATENT FOR LIFE spol. s r. o./2011

Unique, new approach to the treatment of chronic conditions of damaged skin based on temporal substitution of the skin barrier. 
No age limitation. For children from infancy.

Indications of 2DERM REHA special

1. As a support for damaged skin healing
+ skin diseases
(eczema, dermatitis - diaper, perioral, from licking, rosacea, sore spots, acne - microbial colonization treatment  and improving the skin condition, etc.)
+ after skin traumas
(bruises, burns, chemical burns, blisters, sunburns, insect bites)
+ after corrective skin procedures
(laser, dermabrasion, chemical peeling, mesotherapy, mikroneedling, etc.)
+ after frequent washing (soaps and detergents)
+ due to external causes (wind, frost, air humidity)
+ after tattoos

2. As a protection against the effects of  external environment
+ hypersensitive skin (reduces itching and scratching)
+ against UV radiation effects
+ against the effects of soaps and detergents
+ against penetration of an infection into the skin (antimicrobial effect)
+ diaper dermatitis prevention


For adults and children (with no age limit).

+ for small areas
+ acute skin damage
+ intensive treatment of the most affected areas

Dosage  and application of  2DERM REHA special
For face, hands, and other acutely deteriorated areas, 2x per day, or according to the condition and need - with no time limit.

No side effects of 2DERM on healthy and damaged skin were found. In exceptional cases light burning sensation may occur. This is not a reason to discontinue the application!
It is a reaction of free nerve endings, which are uncovered on human skin caused by damaged skin barrier function. The burning sensation will disappear after few applications, because 2DERM creates moisturizing surface protection that promotes the skin in gradual firmness and regeneration process.


12.20 € / 20 ml
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