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Sensitive skin


Micro-emulsion barrier system for maintaining the skin in a healthy condition.
Prevents skin ageing due to the UV radiation. 
For regular application - day and night. For adults and children from the age of 3.

PATENTED! CS PATENT FOR LIFE spol. s r. o./2011

Clinical studies have  proved, that after applying 2DERM products, the damaged skin starts to heal very fast, itching  less, the irritation is removed, the dryness reduced, and the overall regeneration 
is faster. At the same time, they are suitable for treatment of the skin of children and adults with sensitive, dry, and otherwise dysfunctional skin.


Apply 1x – 3x per day on the skin surface, and spread thoroughly.

2DERM Dermo-cosmetic for the long-term treatment of hypersensitive, sensitive, and  threatened skins.

Suitable for conditions with damaged barrier function of the skin, i.e.: 
- oversensitive skins (e.g. to cosmetic products, drugs, allergens, etc.) 
- conditions of so called hypersensitive skin, with increased reactions
  (redness, swelling, burning)

- irritated skins (by sun, mechanical friction, etc.)
- after an intervention
  (chemical peeling, laser, microdermabrasion, hair removal and the like)

- ageing, wrinkled skins
- dry, cracked skin and lips
- as a prevention from external influences and bad weather conditions
- skins with malfunction of the barrier function:
•    atopic dermatitis
•    psoriasis, lichen ruber in the phase of acute eruption with distinctive itching 
•    seborrheic dermatitis 
•    congenital skin dryness - xeroderma

No side effects of 2DERM on healthy and damaged skin were found. In exceptional cases light burning sensation may occur. This is not a reason to discontinue the application!
It is a reaction of free nerve endings, which are uncovered on human skin caused by damaged skin barrier function. The burning sensation will disappear after few applications, because 2DERM creates moisturizing surface protection that promotes the skin in gradual firmness and regeneration process.

€27.00 / 50 ml

Anti-wrinkle cream

Easily absorbable cream, for day and night care, for the skin and the eye area.
Active ingredients: biomolecular complex from sea algae, Baldr‘s brow, Medilan, Osmocide, vitamin E, panthenol, coconut oil derivative, and polysaccharide complex are fighting the wrinkles on a long-term basis, safely, and on the natural basis of the Dermaclinic biotechnology. 

In the evening, on cleaned skin.

€29.40 / 30 ml


Lipophilic cream for sensitive skin, containing regenerative and calming MEDILAN™.
Active ingredients: medilan, vitamin E, panthenol, beeswax, coconut oil derivative, and protective oils are aimed at stabilisation, calming, and protection of the skin against external influences. 

On cleaned skin, in the morning and evening. They leave no unpleasant oily film.

€26.10 / 50 ml

Lanomed Ointment

For the treatment of very sensitive skin of the face and the entire body of both adults and children.
Product with a content of highly pure (99% percent) natural MEDILAN™, which is produced from a pharmaceutical lanolin /unique regenerative and soothing effects on the skin were proven by numerous clinical studies/. The product contains no perfumes or preservatives.

Lanomed ointment application possibilities: 
• treatment and calming of the skin of children (redness, over-dried skin, etc.) 
• treatment of cracked nipples (e.g. during breastfeeding) 
• treatment of dry, cracked lips 
• treatment and softening of sensitive and dry skin 
• soothing the skin after its irritation e.g. by cosmetic products 
• treatment of rough skin (hands, feet)
• soothing and softening of the skin (during psoriasis and atopic eczema) 
• treatment of allergenic skin (consult with a doctor in this case)
• treatment of the skin after irradiation

Apply a small amount of the product on the clean skin, and spread thoroughly. 
Use regularly, as needed, 1x - 5x per day.

€12.90 / 18 ml
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