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My Secret Exclusive Eye Cream

Modern technologies and rich content for effective care of the skin around your eyes.


It maintains hydration in balance and prevents the skin from drying - the most frequent reason why wrinkles appear. Its smoothing effects counteract the signs of aging and make your eyes glitter. 
Active substances protect your skin against external influences and vagaries of weather. 

Active substances:

Alteromonas, found in deep sea algae
it stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis. Immediately after application it acts as an express optic wrinkles filling. * It has been proved to optically reduce wrinkle depth by 15% for a period of up to 6 hours.  

Hyaluronic acid
(2nd generation - unlike the previous forms it works on the level of intercellular communication providing long-term hydration and immediate tightening effect.  *(50 – 3000 kDa) - atomic mass units, Dalton.

Alfa-Bisabolol, Panthenol
natural soothing substances.

is able to create lipid bilayers and regenerates the skin surface. 

Shea butter
natural raw material for skin protection 

The effect of active substances:
• they provide deep hydration and intensive nourishment to the skin around your eyes 
• they prevent wrinkles and optically erase them immediately after application 
• they give energy to the soft skin around your eyes and enhance the quality of your complexion 
• they bring a feeling of an absolute comfort


Light and fresh texture easy to apply and fast to absorb.
In the morning and evening apply on the skin around your eyes and massage in gently. Continue with your usual routine, ideally with products from My Secret cosmetic range. (24K GOLD, BOTOPLATINUM).


My Secret Exclusive Mask

- energising power for demanding skin

A luxurious mix of active substances for demanding skin with fluid and hydration basis connected with the application of a facial mask. It tightens the skin intensively and gives it a velvet look.  You can get the best results when using it together with My Secret products.

Active substances:

•  24 carat colloidal gold 
• Citrustem™  plant stem cells
•  Hyaluronic acid (2nd generation)
•  Hydrating and vitamin complex
•  Bisabolol, Panthenol


Use: put 20 ml of the solution into a bowl and then plunge the mask blank in for 2 minutes.
Then apply the mask (blank) on your skin, smooth down with your fingers or a brush. Leave it for 10 – 15 minutes. Remove the mask and continue taking care of your skin using for example products from My Secret range (24K GOLD or BOTOPLATINUM).

The package contains:  25 ml / small bottle – a mix of active substances, 1 piece / mask (blank - non-woven fabric).

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