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Hýčkejte svoji pleť jako v kosmetickém salonu!
Užijte si intenzivní péči, jas a svěžest s pleťovými maskami vyvinutými přesně pro Váš typ pleti.

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Control gel-mask

For oily and problematic skin.
Complex care with an increased content of effective ingredients.
Active ingredients: herbal extracts - sage, arnica, and oak bark unify the skin, focusing on the reduction of acneous manifestations and skin imperfections.

In the morning or evening, apply a small amount of the product on the skin. For the day, cover it by a cream (e.g. 2Derm Colour) or by make-up. In the evening, use Control cream 24H. Or apply a thicker layer on the skin 2x per week, let it work for 15 minutes, and wash it off with water afterwards. 



Removes dead skin cells (exfoliation effect). 
Active ingredients: kaolin, calcium carbonate, bentonite, and cosmetic oils tone, remove the excessive sebum, and clean skin surface.

Max. 2x per week, for a time period of 5 - 15 min. You can use the mask on the entire skin surface, for problematic and mixed skin. For dry skin, apply on the nose skin only (for cleaning of the pores - sebaceous plugs, black dots).



Active ingredients: arnica, oak bark, elderberry, and vitamin C focus on the metabolism and skin oxygenation. They tighten the pores, tone, and strengthen the skin.

After the skin cleaning. Let it work for 15-20 min, rinse with water and apply the cream afterwards. 


Balance-calming mask

For normal and mixed skin.
Hydro-complex for regeneration and protection of weary and irritated skin.
Active ingredients: extract from ginseng, marigold, calcium gluconate, and vitamin E help maintain the skin balance, soothe the skin, focusing on wrinkle development and skin ageing prevention. The result is a hydrated, brightened and fresh skin.

On cleaned skin. Apply 1x per week on the face, or possibly neck or décolletage, for 15 minutes, then wash it off. 


Hydro-nutritive mask

For dry and mature skin.
New generation of active ingredients for an intensive care.
Active ingredients: extract of comfrey, marigold, and vitamins support skin regeneration, normalizing and softening it, and improving its structure and elasticity. 

On cleaned skin. Apply 1x per week on the face, or possibly neck or décolletage, for 15 minutes, and then wash it off.



Balanced complex of nutrients and vitamins.
Active ingredients: ceramides, hydrocomplex, vitamin E, panthenol, and bisabolol are designed for nutrition and protection of epidermal skin. Bisabolol enhances the sensitive skin soothing. 

1x per week, for a time period of 15 min., wash it off afterwards. We do not recommend to use on widened thread veins in the face.



Contains soothing ingredients, aimed at skin structure optimization.
Active ingredients: hydrating ingredients (NMF), lecithin, buckthorn oil, and vitamin complex for hydration, nutrition, and skin structure improvement.

1x per week, for a time period of 15 min., wash it off afterwards After the treatment, the skin becomes smooth, soft on touch, and relaxed.




Creamy mask for the skin with higher demands. 
Active ingredients: green tea extract, sugar esters, coconut oil derivative, vitamin E, Hyaluronic acid and soft gel intensively strengthen wilted, weary skin.

Apply 1x per week, for a time period of 5 - 15 min., and wash it off afterwards.


Eye Mask Dermaclinic

Creamy mask from selected raw materials for the treatment of tiny wrinkles and sensitive skin in the eye area. Perfume free.
Active ingredients: medilan, osmocide, vitamin E, coconut oil derivative, and polysaccharide complex are aimed at nutrition, softening, protection, and hydration of the skin. After the application the skin of the eye area becomes tensioned and fresh looking.

Apply a small amount of the product on the eye area, and gently work it in by your fingertips. Use individually, or, to increase the effect, cover with a tampon, moistened in the Eye area compression. Let it work for approx. 15 to 20 min. There is no need to wash off the mask; just wipe its residues off by a paper napkin. If needed, wash it off by the Dermaclinic skin tonic.




An intensive product for acceleration of skin barrier function recovery. In combination with 2DERM cream, supports biological skin regeneration.

1x per week, face, neck, décolletage. By gentle moves, apply the product on your face or possibly neck and décolletage, leave out the eyelids.  Let the mask work for approx. 15 min. Remove the excess of the mask by a napkin. Consequently treat the skin with 2DERM cream.



Creamy mask, on the basis of natural raw materials, for velvety look.
Active ingredients: δ-Viniferin, BIO oil from grape seeds, almond oil, Shea butter, biosaccharide, vitamins E, A, F, and minerals are characterized by properties inducing complex protection and anti-age effect. 

On cleaned skin, within common  cosmetic care, spread a small amount (approx. 4ml) on your face and neck, let it work for 10 - 15 min., wash off, or wipe with paper napkins afterwards.

Warning: effect of δ-Viniferin
δ-Viniferin and antioxidants, besides other things, increase the blood supply into the skin. Do not apply the mask in the eye area. For couperose and sensitive skin, decrease the exposure time to 5-8 minutes.


Mineral mask

For all skin types. Creamy mask, with important trace elements (sodium, potassium, magnesium). 
Active ingredients: Dead Sea minerals, Dead Sea mud, and vitamin E are characterized by the properties, which will add the necessary hydration to the skin, strengthening the skin, improving its elasticity, removing dead skin cells, and cleaning the pores (black dots).

On cleaned skin, 1x per week, for a time period of max. 15min., wash it off afterwards. After the application, the skin gets fresh look, and it looks relaxed.

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